Stone Fr3e

Stone Fr3e - A Tribute to Guitar Legends

Re-live 60/70s guitar based classics from some of the greatest guitar, bass & drums orientated bands of that era... from explosive Hendrix voodoo extravaganzas to melodic Mark Knopfler licks and David Gilmore psychedelic Floyd classics... with some classic Clapton and Prince thrown into the mix.

Rising from the ashes of Dirty Little Secrets, Stone Fr3e was formed early in 2019 with ex DLS members Dex & Mark who are joined by Joel on drums for an authentic power trio sound. Playing some of our favourite songs by our favourite artists, whether it's recreating the sound of the Jimi Hendrix Experience or stripping down big arrangements to work with just bass drums and guitar, you can be sure Stone Fr3e will be having fun and we hope you will be too.


Contact Stone Fr3e

If you would like to book Stone Fr3e you can contact us at the following email address:

You can also contact us via Facebook and for details of when and where we are playing next visit our "Upcoming Shows" page.